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#17sk tip




Extraction Forceps: | Adult Upper 1,| Adult Upper 2 | Adult Lower Children Upper  | Children Lower|

Mouth Mirrors (Heads+ handle), Tweezers, Probes
Impression: Trays, Material
Syringes, supplies Cartridges

Elevators: Cryers, Couplands, Warwick James etc

Rubber Dam Punches/ Forceps, Root canal spreaders/ pluggers, Crocodile grip forceps.
Extraction Forceps (Adult /Upper 1, 2, Children/Upper, Adult/Lower, Children/Lower), Elevators, Needle Holders, Oral Scissors, Crown Scissors, Bone Files, Chisels, Scalpel handles, Retractors, Towel clamps, Tissue / Dressing/Splinter/ sponge holding  forceps

Oral Scissors:           Newman, Crown, stitch, Iris,        100s of others

Wire bending pliers (Adams: regular / TC tips), Wire cutting pliers, Ligature directors, Lingual bar Bender, Bracket Tweezers,  

Needles Holders:       Crilewood,  May-Hegar,  Mathieu,        dozens of others

Probes (w6, w14, w17, w23, will/exp23, 23/0w, CP11, CPITN-c, w/ot, w/w, scalers (Jaquette, Mcaul, H- series, Gracey)


Burnishers, Pluggers, Excavators, Composite, Wax & Modeling, Cutting instruments (Margin trimmers, PK thomas ), Carvers, Plastics
Crown Bridge
Crown & Bridge removing instruments


Bone Files

Plaster knives, Spatulas, Acrylic trimmers, Blow pipe, Chisels
Clinical Supplies
Dressing forceps Splinter forceps Tissue forceps Haemostatic forceps Towel Clamps
Dental Materials
R & D
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Extraction forceps Upper: Adult Children
Extraction forceps Lower: Adult Children
Oral Scissors Needle holders Scalpel Handles Scalpel Blades Elevators  Chisels  Dressing forceps Splinter forceps Tissue forceps Haemostatic forceps Retractors Bone files Towel Clamps